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Strive-2-Serve is one of the most exciting events to hit the Ottawa/Gatineau region in a long time! Not only is it a youth development and leadership training program, it also gives teams a chance to design, develop, and execute their dream event for any registered Canadian philanthropic organization.

We provide the training, you do the planning!

1) Gather a team of 4-5 people*

2) Select a registered charity/NGO you would like to support

4) Attend the training workshops and plan your event

*single registrants or teams less than 4 are encouraged to apply and we will group you with others

This is a competition! Teams will be judged based on efficiency, originality and professionalism in the planning of their event and its effectiveness in execution. And, the prizes are GREAT! Each member of the winning team is guaranteed a choice between the latest electronics or a weekend getaway!

Perhaps you want to organize a community garage sale to support the Canadian Cancer Society, or an eco-friendly race around Ottawa in support of Green Peace! What about a walk for the Diabetes Associationor a brunch and lecture for Amnesty International? The possibilities are endless! Whatever it is, you plan itand make it happen. Your event will be judged based on its originality, and how effective it is in raising funds or awareness for your chosen organization.

What is the catch? Each team only gets $30 to start off with. If you need more money, you will need to fundraise and solicit sponsors. And how do you do that? Well, the leadership training workshops we will arrange for you will cover essential leadership and business skills. Training includes: how to effectively work in teams; group communication essentials; event budgeting and fundraising; logistics planning; and much more.

Here are some dates you need to keep in mind before you commit:

1) June 25th Orientation Session and Leadership Training Workshop 1

3) July 23th – DAY OF SERVICE!! (this is where you make it happen!)

4) July 24th – Awards Banquet and selection of winning team!

This event is for you. Need volunteer hours? Need to build your resume? Want to have fun? Want to contribute to society? Strive-2-Serve is for you! Everyone is encouraged to apply, whether you are a student in high school, college or university, or already knee-deep in the working worldtake the leap! You won’t regret it.

Registration and participation is free of charge! Hurry, sign-up before spaces fill up. Register here

Have any questions? Email us at

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